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Animal Sanctuaries

provide safe havens for animals 

where people can appreciate them

as the unique individuals they are

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Animal sanctuaries provide a place for us humans to regain our humanity. 

Sanctuaries show how animals can live a happy and fulfilling life when they are treated with proper respect and care.  They show the individual personality of each unique being, and the wonder and curiosity in their eyes and hearts - no different than in each of us.  

So few of us are directly exposed to animals used for food and don’t recognize them as individuals. Bridging the connection that much of our food comes from animals that were once someone - not something - helps personalize farmed animals.

If you ever have an opportunity, visit an animal sanctuary and spend some time with the beautiful creatures and enjoy the compassion you feel.   

It is a man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man.  - Albert Schweitzer

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A young girl raised Gizmo and bonded with his playful, sweet personality and couldn’t bear to send him to auction.

Cows are social animals who form lifelong bonds with each other. A herd often includes several generations of relatives. 


Russel is a true character - charismatic, opinionated, and can be aggressive at times, but is always a sweetie in your arms.  Russel came from a chicken fighting bust.  

Chickens and turkeys form friend-groups and cliques and even have best friends.


Finn is a protector, always looking out for his longtime friend Teddy and making sure he’s doing okay.  

Sheep can remember 100 different human and sheep faces for at least 2 years.

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William is playful, curious, and loves attention! When he wants to be noticed, he’ll usually head butt something that makes a lot of noise.

In task learning and memory studies, goats learned to use levers to access food and retained that knowledge for at least 10 months. 


Jale is opinionated, wild at heart, and a gentle and diplomatic leader of the herd. Jale loves running around, clicker play and simply being herself.  

Horses truly bond with each other and become lifelong friends, treating each other like valued family members.


Lucy is friendly, inquisitive and has a big personality! It is clear how much she enjoys her life. She loves to run.  When Sue was rescued, Lucy took her on as an apprentice and showed her how to live her best life.

Pigs can recognize their names within weeks of being born.  They regularly communicate with one another using over 20 vocalizations that indicate mood.


Chai is the spunkiest of the group. She’s talkative and often runs up to visitors in hopes of getting pets and chatting. 

A turkey’s emotions vary widely and dictate the color and vibrancy of their heads. Colors can change from white to blue to red, depending on their excitement level. The more intense the colors, the more intense their emotions are. 


Paco is curious and precocious, yet fun loving as he can be found chasing friends around the pastures and always wondering when his next carrot is coming from.


Llamas are very social and will even adopt sheep or goats as their own herd. Then they will protect the herd by chasing off coyotes and other predators.


Farley is quite the thoughtful gentleman. He is a timid boy who likes to hang alone or trail behind Walter. While he likes attention, he's a bit socially awkward and never seems to know how to ask for it!

Donkeys are stoic, pragmatic and intelligent. Because donkeys are so smart, they have surprising reasoning abilities and must be shown not just how to do something, but why they should do it. 

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Woman Hugging Dog

 "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man" 

 - Charles Darwin

If you want others to be happy,

practice compassion.

If you want to be happy,

practice compassion.

                              - Dalai Lama

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