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Nowadays chicken is no longer nutritionally beneficial, and it is extremely inhumane. 

In the United States alone, we kill 25 million chickens EACH DAY.

In our society chicken is looked upon as food and nothing more, like a simple object. Yet, we forget that the chicken on our dinner plate was once alive, had feelings, and felt pain. If you feel that you are able to go out and kill a chicken everyday for dinner go right ahead, but for those of you who are uneasy and are a little scared, that is normal. We as humans do not want to inflict harm and see others suffering. 

Over the last 50 years, the consumption of meat, especially chicken, has gone up significantly. 

This has caused the big industries to evolutionize and breed the chickens in such a way that they cannot survive without humans.

Today, chickens are drugged and grown to be more than 4 times their natural weight.

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The nutritional value a chicken once had is lost in today’s world since we use so many drugs and toxins to grow chickens as fast as possible. All the bad toxins that went into the chicken are also going into your bodies causing all health value to be lost. 

It is proven that in today’s world, consuming six chickens is equivalent to one chicken in the 1970s in order to get the same amount of healthy omega-3 fatty acid.


Every year, 66 billion chickens are slaughtered. 


The practices in which chickens are grown and killed have become more and more inhumane over the decades. 

Now, it is normal to slaughter chickens at 6 weeks of age!


If they are hens who lay eggs, then they are killed within one year. 


The point of letting chickens live a life is non-existent. Their only purpose is to be strengthened up and killed.

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Source: Oxfamamerica

What is yoUR Impact?

With a plant-based diet, you would be saving LIVES and end suffering. 

Your health would also improve drastically since you are not putting all of the toxins fed to chickens into your body.

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