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A Plant-based diet will give you clear, glowing skin


Following a whole-food, plant-based diet will help reduce acne and maintain clear, glowing skin. 

Studies have shown that removing dairy and processed meat from patients’ diets improves their acne. “I've found that if patients go off dairy for a month, a significant number of them with mild to moderate acne see noticeable improvement." - Dermatologist Dr. Papar Sarkar. 

A primary reason is attributed to the hormones common in dairy products. Milk naturally contains hormones and steroids that provide nutrition to the calves drinking it. Calves need these hormones in order to grow.  Humans do not. Thus eliminating additional hormones from our system can allow an opportunity for our skin to improve. (Source)

Clear skin is attributed to improvement in gut health. 


A recent study highlighted the improvement of acne for individuals after following a low-glycemic diet of vegetables, fruits, lentils, and plant-based meals for 12 weeks.  In a separate study, researchers found that 80% of patients reported improvement in their acne after consuming a probiotic for two weeks.

Following a plant-based diet has shown to improve the microbiota in the gut, thereby helping to clear skin.


Another reason for acne is insulin resistance and carbohydrate metabolism. (Source)  Insulin is a peptide hormone made by the pancreas that regulates carbohydrate metabolism through its influence on glucose.  The health of the gut microbiota contributes to insulin sensitivity.  Many plant-based foods improve insulin sensitivity, thereby reducing overproduction and stabilizing blood sugar. (Source

A whole-food, plant-based diet causes a significant improvement in acne through a variety of mechanisms.


Acne is often a visible manifestation of a systemic problem, for example insulin resistance, inflammation, gut dysbiosis, and poor nutrition.


Plant-based foods, especially those rich in fiber and polyphenols, provide a natural and effective way to treat acne.

Since a whole-food, plant-based diet is free of dairy and highly processed foods, plant-based foods are high in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


Additionally, a plant-based diet is high in fiber to help stabilize blood sugar and ward off hormonal shifts that often lead to acne. The fiber also feeds good gut microbes, which helps reduce skin inflammation. 

Beyond just helping with stubborn pimples, being plant-based can also improve one’s complexion.


Since a plant-based diet involves vegetables and fruits rather than dairy, meat, and (most) processed snacks, the natural antioxidants can impact the way your skin looks and feels. 


“Patients who follow a primarily plant-based diet report brighter complexions and less bloating of the face,” the dermatologist said.


Many people have reported brighter skin, better texture, and less bloating of the face after making the switch to being plant-based.


Many people say, “Within weeks, my complexion had brightened and cleared, enough so that I tossed out the foundation I had been regularly slathering on.”


The health benefits of eating plant-based include:















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