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In order to survive, cows need a large amount of land, food, and water. 

These animals are big contributors to increased greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere, deforestation, the lack of water, and human hunger.


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Each day, a single cow produces between 66-132 gallons of methane! If you are trying to imagine this, the average US vehicle can hold 16 gallons of gas. 

If people eliminated their beef consumption alone, the food greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by 33%. 

The elimination of mass production of cows would drastically help reverse climate change.

The majority of rainforest land and other land cleared is used to raise cows. 


The practices in which industries raise cattle have caused the land that they lived on to be inhabitable after a few years. The soil is destroyed and the nutrients are lost. 


The elimination of mass production of cows would allow the land that they once inhabited to grow back slowly. Rainforest and nature could start thriving again.

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Worldwide, cows drink 45 billion gallons of water each day!

The elimination of mass production of cows would allow the redirection of water to go to the more than 3 billion individuals who lack clean and safe drinking water.

Food Availability

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Worldwide, cows consume 135 billion pounds of food each day!


The elimination of mass production of cows would allow the redirection of food to go to more than 690 million who are hungry.

We already produce enough food to feed every person globally, 6 meals a day yet most of the food goes into raising livestock.

Factory Farmed vs. Grass Fed

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Grass-fed beef is looked upon as better yet it is extremely harmful to our environment. 


If the United States alone shifted to grass-fed beef, there would be an additional 23 million cattle.

“There would be a 30% increase of the current population, more grain will be needed, grass-fed cows grow slower, only 61% of the current meat quantity could be produced, and methane emissions would increase by 41%.”

What is yoUR Impact?

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When you choose to eat plant-based and eliminate the consumption of beef and dairy, you make an incredible impact on our planet. 

You would provide more water and food for those in need. Plant life and nature would be able to thrive again as it grows back in the land that was once used to raise cattle. Our atmosphere would also be cleaner because the emission of greenhouse gases would be significantly less.

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