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The animal agriculture industry is one of the TOP water consuming industries in our world. 


Every year, animal agriculture requires 34 to 76 trillion gallons of water!


Why is there so much water used for animal agriculture?

  1. The animals we raise for meat and dairy drink a lot of water in order to survive (Worldwide, cows drink 45 billion gallons of water EVERY DAY)

  2. The food and grain fed to livestock require a lot of water (e.g. corn, soy, wheat, etc.)

  3. The land on which the animals live on and graze upon need to be watered. 


In the United States, 5% of water consumed is by private homes and 55% of water consumed is for animal agriculture.

People may believe that water is abundant since our planet is covered 70% by water, although only 3% of the total water is freshwater, the stuff we drink, use for cooking, bathe in, or use for growing crops.

Because our water supply is limited, we must be conscious of how much we use. 

Today, there are several countries and regions in which nobody can drink clean water. 1.1 billion individuals lack access to water, and 2.7 billion people have a scarcity of water for at least one month of the year. The lack of water results in fatalities, lack of sanitation, disease, and more.

Water and Food


1 pound of cheese 


900 gallons of water


1 pound of beef 


2500 gallons of water

1 gallon of milk 


1000 gallons of water

1 pound of eggs 


477 gallons of water


1 pound of tofu 


302 gallons of water


1 pound of oranges 


61 gallons of water


1 pound of grain 


25 gallons of water

What is yoUR Impact?

When you choose a plant-based diet, you save at least 1,100 gallons of water EACH DAY.


The water you save can go to those who are struggling in other countries. 2 million individuals, mostly children, die from diarrheal diseases, caused by a lack of clean water every year. The water that is saved when you eat plant-based would essentially be used to save numerous human lives. 


As less water is being put into the corrupt animal agricultural industries, there is more to give to those suffering and dying.

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