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Rainforests are vital to keeping our Earth healthy and at the rate humans are going, we are going to destroy all of it.

Why are Rainforests Important?

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Our rainforests are natural carbon sinks and when they are removed it causes a worldwide atmospheric imbalance. In other words, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which stabilizes our planet and allows us to survive. Deforestation kills all of the trees who suck in carbon dioxide, causing an increase in our planet’s carbon dioxide levels and temperature. 


Rainforests are also home to some 50% of the world’s species and among the most important repositories of terrestrial biological diversity. Currently, up to 137 plant, animal and insect species are lost every day in our rainforests.


Like a huge sponge, rainforests store over 50% of the Earth’s rainwater, constantly recycling our water and keeping us out of huge droughts. Without the rainforests, there would be worldwide famine and disease.


Every second 1-2 acres of rainforest land are cleared, that is the size of 1-2 football fields!


Our once beautiful and diverse rainforests are being destroyed and converted into pastures or grazing land to raise animal agriculture. 


91% of the Amazon rainforest destruction is due to animal agriculture. 


Deforestation is causing the 50 million species living within rainforests to be threatened as their habitat and food sources are destroyed everyday. The Earth’s temperatures and climate change will continue increasing as we continue with our same eating habits because the carbon sucking rainforest will be converted into land for animal agriculture. Our planet will also experience a lack of water, leading to more poverty, disease, and hunger.

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How are YOU going to be the Impact?

Every time you eat your beef burger or have a steak, think about how it is affecting our Earth, specifically our rainforests. 


When individuals eat plant-based, they stop supporting the animal agriculture industries, causing less rainforest land to be cut down and saving our Earth.


It has been proven that plant-based diets provide the best option of feeding a high global population without deforestation because it uses at least 50% less land than diets with meat and dairy.

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